he Octane Materials Masterclass : This Pro Series Course is designed to be the definitive materials resource for all octane artists. We cover all Octane material types, all nodes and everything else you need to know when it comes to creating your own bespoke materials.

It comes complete with project files and an ever growing library of prebuilt Octane Materials. And as with all courses in our Pro Series, content is regularly updated and new videos are added all the time.

What you’ll learn

With over 70 lessons we cover everything you need to know

All Materials

We’ll start off by covering each of the Material Types in Octane including the Diffuse, Glossy, Specular, Metallic, Universal, Toon, Mix, Blend and Portal Materials.

All Nodes

We’ll then cover every node available within Octane to create your shaders and materials. We’ll see examples of what each node does and how to use them in your workflow.

Material Projects

We’ll build several materials together step by step and we’ll share loads of tips on how to get great looking shaders and physically accurate results. All Project Files are included and new videos are being added all the time.

Bonus Material Library

The course includes a plug-and-play Octane Materials library with over 50 prebuilt materials you can use in your own projects or as a starting point for your bespoke materials. We’re also adding new materials all the time!

Request a Material

If there’s a particular look you’re trying to create, students can request a material and we’ll try to get a tutorial and shader up for you as soon as we can! We’ve got your back;)

Subtitles – Closed Captions

This course can be viewed with English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese or Korean subtitles.

The audio is in English.

Material Projects

Here’s some of the materials we’ll be making together…


We guide you through creating physically accurate gold based on real world properties and give you a library of prebuilt metals with all correct values.


We’ll look at creating sub surface scattering effects and translucency by building a realistic Jade material.


We get asked about this one all the time but the modern looking speckled effect is actually easy to do.


One of those materials we’re often asked about, getting jelly looking right isn’t easy but we’ll walk you through the steps.


Getting the look of Diamond can be tricky, but we’ll look at the dispersion settings and the correct specular settings to get diamonds that glisten.


Learn how to create that rainbow swirly effect you often see on the surface of bubbles, it’s easy when you know how;)

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