Intro to X-Particles: Creating Summary Pictures : On this class you’ll be taught the fundamentals of Z-Particles, an incredible plugin in Cinema 4D. Use any 3D mannequin of your selection and generate natural streaks utilizing this dynamic device

Let’s create some lovely summary pictures or movies.

You’ll be taught:

  • The Emitter
  • Modifiers: xpFollowSurface – xpTurbulence – xpSpeed – xpAvoid –
  • Turbines: xpTrail
  • Tags: xpCollider
  • Supplies: xpMaterial and Hair Materials
  • Render settings: Export picture and Multipass
  • Compositing: in After Results [Optional]

The course is for newbies to intermediate stage animators, and it requires some primary information of Cinema 4D. I’ll information you thru the entire course of.

Software program required: Cinema 4D and third celebration plugin X-Particles 3.5

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