Hello, my Identify is Christian. Welcome to the Course!
On this class i’ll present you the workflow between cinema 4d and after results to create a product field by utilizing the plugin aspect 3D.

After ending this tutorial sequence you’ll have a product field template accessible with which you’ll shortly and well customise or alternate your art work.

Beside the higher understanding for the settings in Factor 3D,
additionally, you will have a greater understanding of the workflow for getting ready 3d fashions from cinema 4d for aspect 3d.

What you will want:
– Cinema 4D
– After Results
– Factor 3D (AE Plugin)
– Photoshop
– Materialize (Free Programm, see the hyperlink down beneath)

We’ll maintain the next matters:
– Primary modeling method
– Making a UV map primarily based on our mannequin
– Creating layer and masks inside Cinema4d for later use in Photoshop and After results
– Import the mannequin to AE and organising aspect 3D
– Find out how to use our created UV map inside AE to texture the field.
– Find out how to Animate the Field utilizing a Null Object
– Establishing Anti Alaising, Ambient Occlusion and Movement Blur
– Making a Regular Map for extra Particulars for the Cowl Paintings

Who is that this course appropriate for?
This course is appropriate for anybody who desires to broaden their understanding for Cinema4D, AfterEffects and Photoshop together with Element3D.

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