Utilized Houdini is again for Fluids II – Speedy rivers, the place we will be taught all about methods to simulate and render a fast-moving river in FLIP! On this lesson, we’ll learn to arrange the river’s preliminary state, sourcing, and collisions to manage the behaviour of the fluid outcome, after which methods to design the whitewater that flows together with it! We’ll additionally spend time on wetmap technology so as to present moist collider surfaces, add non-simulated element to the liquid floor, droplet sprays, and different shading, lighting, and rendering methods to make it look nearly as good as potential. Alongside the best way, I am going to discuss most of the commonest issues you would possibly expertise with FLIP, particularly at greater resolutions. and techniques to take care of them. Altogether it is a huge enjoyable lesson that’s full of all types of cool methods you may must simulate and render fast-paced water, so get began creating rivers at this time!


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